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In need of studio space? Studio - approx. 55’ x 45’ in size - sprung floors, marley flooring, mirrors, barres and piano available to rent. Dressing areas also included
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Dance Without Limits

Dance Without Limits, formerly Ballet Des Moines’ Dance Without Limits, is a dance program for children with special needs who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the joy of dance. In November 2015, Dance Without Limits became its own 501c3 non-profit entity. Sessions are comprised of one-hour classes that are designed to suit each child’s individual needs. During classes held once a week, a period of professional dance instruction is provided by instructors and volunteers trained to work with children with disabilities. We offer Lite-Gait equipment for children who need extra support with standing. Other class materials include scarves, fuzzy mats and friendly music. At the end of each session, participants perform in a recital for family and friends.






“Dance Without Limits has changed our lives in such a positive way. Our daughter, Ellie, has always loved being a ‘fancy Nancy’ and our hearts were always heavy as we observed her watching all of her friends go to dance class, knowing she couldn’t go with them. One of my happiest days as a mom was when I discovered Dance Without Limits.” – Jami Martin

“Dance Without Limits has been an amazing program, not just for our daughter but also for our family. My daughter gets to experience dance in a way that I never thought would be possible. There is no judgment, no criticizing, and just pure encouragement for her and all of her friends no matter what abilities they have. We finally found a place where we belong, we have found lifelong friends there along the way, and it really is like a second family cheering on your child and helping them show everyone what they can do, and that they just need someone to help them prove that along the way. It’s our favorite place to go!” – Heather Dirks

To learn more about Dance Without Limits, visit YouTube or 13.


Class Information

IMG_1066Classes for students are divided into Movement and Technique. Movement classes are the main classes for Dance Without Limits and are great for students new to the Dance Without Limits program. Students who also require special one-on-one attention with a volunteer or additional assistance dancing, will  benefit highly from the Movement program.

Technique classes are for students who can move through ballet and tap instruction without the aid of a special volunteer. One or two volunteers will be present during the class to assist with overall structure while encouraging students to dance on their own. Students in wheelchairs or using equipment they can manage independently, will also be considered. We create movement around his/her unique abilities. Both Movement and Technique classes are one-hour long.

*Please note all students interested in Technique classes must gain approval from the program coordinator prior to joining the class.


Session Information

Dance Without Limits classes are offered twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. Classes are held on Sunday at the School of Classical Ballet and Dance (SCBD), 1721 25th St., West Des Moines. Registration dates for the spring session will be announced at a later date. For more information regarding registration or with questions, please e-mail Ann Ungs at


Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in becoming a Dance Without Limits mentor or volunteer? The Dance Without Limits program is special because of the children, but it is not possible without volunteer buddy dancers. We are seeking Intermediate to Advanced level dancers, ages 12 and up, to partner with Dance Without Limits students. Each volunteer is responsible in assisting your partner with any modifications, lifting, or just dancing. Our staff and lead volunteers will provide training.

If you would like to sign up to volunteer, please contact Dance Without Limits Volunteer Coordinator, Stephenie Tiedens at


For More Information

To connect with other Dance Without Limits families or to keep up-to-date with all that’s happening in the studio, ‘like’ Dance Without Limits on Facebook or visit their website at For more information about classes or registration, please e-mail Ann Ungs at